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We, at, Eagle Eye Security & Services, first learn and understand the exact requirement of the client before providing Security Services. On understanding the requirement, we undertake a security survey of the premises and offer our recommendations to client.

Functions & Responsibilities – Supervisor And Security Guards :- Security Supervisor :-

(a) He shall coordinate and monitor the functioning of security guards in his zone as ordered by the security officer’s management of the parent co.

(b) Check the discipline, dress and conduct of the security guards on duty.

(c) To make and implement the duty roster.

(d) He will inform management of the parent Co. security officers about important happenings in his area of responsibility.

(e) Collect general intelligence and submit feed back report of the parent company to security officers/management for corrective action. Security Guards :-

(f) Protect property, prevent theft, pilferage of company property at and from the place of his posting.

(g) Maintain record of visitors in the register and check Identity cards of all personnel and allow entry to authorised personnel only.

(h) Ensure that, personnel are entering through the approved entrances and check that the visitors go to the approved places only.

(i) Control vehicle movement and ensure that vehicles are parked at the appointed parking place.

(j) Check that materials going out of the gates are covered by proper authorisation and recorded in appropriate registers. Also keep record of all materials coming in.

(k) Carry out patrolling of the area of responsibility. Be alert and observant of any breach of peace and discipline.

(l) To deal with anti-social, rowdy elements and remove them from the site as per the instructions of Supervisors and management.

(m) In case of fire/ explosion, he will act as a member of auxiliary fire fighting squad and carry out crowd control, rescue and salvages operation.

(n) In case of riots, natural calamity, civil commotion, we will co-operate the police to establish law & order and evacuation of the affected personnel.

(o) In case of loss to the assets of the company due to proven negligence on part of our personnel, we shall be liable reimburse the balance amount if not totally recovered from the Insurance company. Attributes: - (o) He shall be honest, obedient, loyal & physically and mentally alert. He shall be disciplined and shall obey instructions in letter and spirit. Educational Qualifications: -

(p) SSC/Metric or equivalent. Should be able to read write Hindi and preferably English. In case of Ex-Servicemen class 8th or army education class III. Physical Standards: - ® Height : 167 cms Weight : 55 Kgs. Minimum Age : More than 20 Years and less than 45 years. Housing :- (s) The company will provide accommodation to the guards in the area of deployment. Manpower :- (t) The contractor shall provide the number of security guards as required at any given time. Contractor will make provision for leave absenteeism due to any reason.